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D-Day 2016!

posted Sun, May 1, 2016

D-Day 2016 is taking place this Saturday (May 7th) at 7pm in SJSU University Theatre!

Come by, let's unwind and celebrate with some funny awesome skits, videos, and DRAW BATTLES! We will also be revealing the new SHM Officers for next year!!!

Feel free to invite your good friends from outside A/I Major!

May SHM Meeting

posted Sun, May 1, 2016

Tues - May 3rd, 2016. 6:00pm - 6:15pm at Student Union Theatre.

Hello, lovely SHM peeps! It's been a great pleasure serving you all this year! You made us the happiest SHM Officers ever!

Swing by this May SHM Meeting, the last SHM Meeting we will be organizing for the club, we have something to say to you all! (<< insert butt tons of cheese here)

Also, there will be elections for new SHM Charity Committee members! Come participate and vote!

Those who passed Mid-Program Portfolio this semester, please come by! We have a small gift for you!

SHM Library Book Sale!

posted Sat, Apr 9, 2016

Book Sale! Posters Sale! Merch Sale!

We are happy to announce that Icy, the SHM Librarian, will be holding a big Book Sale on this day - selling some old but wonderful books for low prices!

Missed out on snatching your favourite SHM event posters off the walls? Fear not! Our lovely club Graphic Designer, Tamara Chang, will also be selling every poster she created this year!

The SHM merchandise cart will also be available to do business, but almost every item will be on a BIG DISCOUNT!!!

Don't miss out on this sweet deal! 
The sales will take place at 11:30am - 4pm, swing by any time between then to grab some SHM goodies! smiley


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