Life Drawing Code of Conduct

  • Please respect the model! Good relations between artist and model are essential to the study of our craft. Any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Suggestions or complaints may be directed to the model coordinator or any attending SHM officer.
  • Take measures to ensure model is comfortable: Supply heating, cushions/blankets; keep doors closed; make sure floor is clean and safe; etc.
  • Turn your cell phone ringers to silent, vibrate, or off. If you are listening to music on headphones, make sure it is not loud enough to disturb others.
  • Please pay the Life Drawing fee ($4) when asked. It's no fun for the cash handler to have to track the ones who haven't paid, and it's not fair to everyone else who has already paid.
  • Keep the room as clean as you found it. Put objects (chairs, easels, etc.) back in their original position.
  • Minors (non-SHM) are not legally allowed to participate in SHM Life Drawing, sorry.
  • Students may not approach the model or model stand. If a student would like the model to move something out of the way, he/she may ask the attending SHM officer, and the officer may then decide whether to speak to the model. However, if a student's view is blocked, they are encouraged to move to another space in the room.
  • Don't forget to tip the model. Our models work hard so we can develop our drawing skills. Make sure you show your appreciation by leaving a tip in the SHM tip box which is the brown box located in the front of the room.